After 10 years in the industry teaching and running my own business, this is what I have learned…people come to Interior Reflections for a multitude of reasons, but most fit into one of the following categories:

  1. Working by Committee  Who knew that by helping people to decorate their home I would need a secondary degree in psychology??  One spouse likes contemporary, one likes traditional and they can’t seem to agree on anything!  When “working by committee,” couples often tell me of the challenges they face trying to make both parties happy and comfortable with the space.  Coming in as a third and unbiased party, I listen to both individuals and design a plan incorporating elements of both styles that work as a cohesive whole.  Who knew I’d be out there saving marriages?!
  2. Picture Perfect  Or is it Picture-Not-So-Perfect?  Most people have a picture in their head of how they want the space to look and feel.  The challenges come when they don’t know where to start; they have difficulty translating the picture from their head into reality.  Or, it may be, that they are so concerned about making a costly mistake that they are paralyzed into doing nothing at all.
  3. The Busy Bee  These are the individuals that are so tied up with other things that they don’t have time to deal with pulling things together.  They may work crazy hours at their job, or they’re busy being a parent—chauffeuring children to activities, making meals, etc.  And, of course, this next scenario is hard for me to imagine, but some people actually don’t enjoy the process!
  4. Lost in Space  These are the folks that have been “living with” the space for so long that they either, don’t “see it” anymore, or they are completely stumped as to how to do it differently.  You know, the whole “but we’ve always done it this way,”…or maybe at your house it’s, “oh no, we’ve always had white walls…for 20 years we’ve had white walls.”  I’m here to tell you…change CAN be good!
  5. Desired Distinction  There are two pieces to this category.  First, people really want to incorporate their personality into their interiors, having their furnishings be a true reflection of themselves and their lifestyle.  So, they purchase a bunch of things that they like, only to get it all home and not know how to pull it all together.  The second piece to this category is the set of people that want to be completely unique and distinctive. They don’t want to purchase something and get it home only to see it in the neighbors house three days later.

Do any of these sound a little too familiar?