The launch of this new website, believe it or not, has been in the works for almost three years now.  I started the ball rolling just before my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer.  That reality brought life, and anything that didn’t fit into the category of “absolutely necessary for survival,” to a screeching halt!  She has moved on now, and I figure its time that I did too!

Speaking of moving on, I want to thank all the clients that I have worked with and that allowed me to post photos of their new spaces.  I hope you enjoy seeing how different each space is, based on the unique personality and needs of the client.  Completing a project is such a bittersweet experience sometimes.  Of course, there is the thrill of seeing the outcome of all our vision and hard work, but working so closely with people for…well in some cases, months makes it difficult to move on to the next project.

So check out the new and improved website and let us know what you think!